Trade off stress with a break.

caregiver smilingNo matter how rewarding family caregiving is, time may come that you get totally drained, emotionally dwindled, and burnt out. You had a lot of things to give up just to care for your family member — time, sleep, finance, and even employment. You want to give them only the best, but deep inside, you want a break.

In order to remedy any emotional misunderstandings between you and your loved ones, you need to have a way out in a span of time. Bernadette Fields Healthcare, LLC provides you with hourly, day, nightly, or 24/7 substitution for your care. Rest assured, your family member is matched with the right caregiver to look after and care for him or her.

Have a luxurious respite as we take over your responsibility. Start by setting an appointment with us or reaching us for more details.